Friday, December 6, 2013

Here goes nothing!

Hello and welcome to my very first blog on our brand new website!  If you've visited Bluemel's website before, I'm hoping you like the new feel and design of this new site.  As the designer, my goal was to create a more updated look while providing a site with very useful and relevant content.  I really wanted someone who knows nothing about us to be able to view our site and get a clear picture of what Bluemel's is about and the many services we offer.  I also made every effort to make this site easy to navigate as well as provide a more interactive and engaging experience.  Having said all of that, I hope that we've reached these goals or at least are well on our way of reaching these goals.  As always, we're always looking for input and suggestions, so if you think we're missing something let me know.  After all, this site is designed for you!

Okay, back to blogging.  I want to be up front here and point out that I am brand new to this and never claimed to be a good writer.  I also want to warn you that I love to have fun and will attempt to use my wacky sense of humor now and then. So bare with me if I I'm a little shaky at first.  My sole intent of blogging is to keep you, our customer or potential customer, informed- whether it's new and exciting news on the Bluemel front, or to offer helpful gardening and landscaping tips.  Who knows, maybe I'll ask your opinion on a particular subject or even share something completely out of the norm?  Either way, I plan on using this platform as another way to connect with you.  Connecting professionally and personally with people is something I'm very passionate about and one of the things I love most about my job.

And speaking of my job- I'd like to take the opportunity in my first post to tell you a little bit about myself.  First, I am the retail manager of this wonderful garden center.  I began my employment with Bluemel's back in 1999 and I started out as a part-time floral delivery driver.  Little did I know that almost 15 years later, working at Bluemel's would actually become a career.  I've also met my beautiful wife along the way! She is also an employee of Bluemel's and oversees all of the lawn & landscape appointments as well as assists in the garden center now and then.  Although I probably see my spouse more than any couple in Wisconsin, I wouldn't change it for a minute.  Yes, I truly am a lucky man.  We reside in Franklin, have no kids (yet!), but have 2 dogs- Tucker and Bella, and a cat- Blue (go figure!).  I also play a major role in our marketing efforts.

In closing, I truly look forward to this brand new experience they call blogging, and I look forward to staying connected with you!  Your comments will always be welcomed.


  1. LOVE the new website John!! Who knew you had such mad website skills!!!!